Nader Eid- Creating Health Benefits for ASD Population

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle today is tough and it is really important to have a proper routine when you have health issues. It is not always about physical health, children and adults today suffer from mental sickness that is way too serious than we can ever think. You need a good trainer like Nader Eid Luka when you suffer anything of the sort. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one such disorder that builds up right from childhood. This is a development that can cause changes in communication, social, and behavior. The learning, problem-solving, and thinking process differ from most people. Their actions and way of doing things may sometimes be not normal.

Responsibility comes on parents, teachers, and professional trainers to regularly identify and address the needs of such people and work on them accordingly. In a typical classroom setting, there is an explanation why so many students have trouble. The emphasis on taking exams rather than “learning how to learn” leads to abilities that do not actually contribute to potential needs and objectives. Nader’s hierarchy seems to look something like this for fitness programming when it comes to some particular tasks for people with ASD:

Create, retain and improve movement skills.
Pairing fitness and improving physical activity to effectively make the tasks themselves enjoyable and part of a lifestyle.
Increase initiation and imagination skills by exposure to different exercise modalities.
Supporting socialization through small group interactions that involve collaboration elements and behavioral support

Supporting socialization through small group, interactions, that involve collaboration elements and behavioral support. By categorizing movement categories professional trainers can develop balanced programs that are appropriate for any individual or group. Instead of focusing on a particular sport or individual muscle group (arms, legs, shoulders), movement-based exercise teaches the body to function as a cohesive, optimized unit. A bear walks, crab walks, frog hops, gorilla steps, and different improvised movements allow imagination while introducing an individual to the five fundamental patterns in various ways. Some favorites are hops, jumps, overhead carries, a number of throws, and swinging long segments of rope with soft medicine balls or SandBells. For any age or functional stage, they are also enjoyable, inexpensive, and conducive to providing healing and with Nader Eid Trainer you can get a full follow-up of such exercises with effective results.

Nader Eid is a renowned Lebanese Canadian health & fitness trainer who started his career in 2007.

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